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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~technical module mode~

By Barjoyai Bardai

Personally, the best sessions that I remembered in technical module are when we have COOKING session with Prof Barjoyai and also PAINTING n DRAWING session. Prof definitely has driven the entire BeST’s participants to think more creative and believe that we have the potential to create innovative idea and think out of box! That’s the most important message! Prof Barjoyai also said that the principle to be creative is “WRONG IDEAS IS THE GREAT IDEAS”. I agree with the principle and if we believe it, we actually just realize there are many things that we can do to make better life and generate innovative ideas and participate in new technology era. 
Prof Barjoyai...thanks for sharing a lot of interesting topics and create new invention
Reverse engineering is interesting technique in developing creative thinking and we must know the seven hats thinking approach. Seven hats methods allow us to get more productive discussion and try to analyze different stages of thinking that cover all the important criteria to make one big decision. 

Monday, January 3, 2011


ready to present the proposals!

Our group topis is about the Production Of Biodegradable Plastic From Food Waste. all of us were prepared to presents the proposals.many innovative and creative ideas come up in this last days of communication module.


By Mr Faizal Kamal
27  DECEMBER 2010
NLP is very interesting area that we should learn. We have to understand the human behavior and the body language can tell a personality of each person. The session start with the introduction of NLP concept and we tend to use subconscious brain rather than conscious one.
control ur emotions and know ur potentials

Body language is one of the reaction that unconscious mind do. We were teach how to let go all the sadness from the past and experience the power of subconscious mind. We have done many activities to determine our NLP reaction towards certain situation.
key to success is to unleash ur potential and gifts.


By Mr Hisham Karim
23 & 24  DECEMBER 2010

To start the session, Mr Hisham interact with the audience and try to discover the personality of each participants either extrovert or introvert personality. Everyone talk about their family background, the failure and success in life and many questions regarding ur self.
Then, negotiation skills briefing and as we all know that everyone negotiate in our daily life and it happens almost anywhere. There are 4 concepts of negotiation skills that include:
1.    BATNA ( Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement)
2.    Reservartion
3.    ZOPA ( Zone of Possible Agreement)
4.    Value creation through trades.
connect to people through negotiation!

We were asked to do lots of negotiation and each group must acted according to cases that was given. We have lots of fun and know the importance of negotiation skills in the real life. Next day, we were discussing the roles in negotiations and learned the Trump Style of Negotiation. Powerful strategies and tactics used by Trumps:
1.    Know the purpose of negotiation
2.    Build trust and friendship and satisfaction to the other side
3.    Learn what the other side wants, flush out weaknesses and uncover important information
4.    Create bold solutions to problems
5.    Control the pace of negotiation
6.    The power of human nature- psychology
7.    Information is power

NEGOTIATE is better than WAR

public speaking

By Mr Hisham Karim and Ms Hanani
21 DECEMBER 2010

The day to become a good speaker have come and all the participants was given 3 minutes to talk about the issue or selected topic. As our group theme is about women entrepreneurs, I chose to talk about the founder of Sendayu Tinggi, Mdm Rozita Ibrahim. She is a great and courage women entrepreneurs that manage to start the business from level zero until successful to build Sendayu Tinggi Empire.
Founder of SENDAYU TINGGI-Rozita Ibrahim-

Actually, I have recorded my speech when my turn to do public speaking. After I hear it and watch it again, I feel so embarrassed about my speech because I didn’t done my best and I need very much improvement. I need to eliminate the fillers and try to speak confidently.  I need a lot of practice, practice and more practice in order to master the art of public speaking.

mock interview

By Mr Abdullah Md Yunos and Mr Abdul Faruk
20 DECEMBER 2010

Interview session that give nerve wrecking to all the participants. Early in the morning, we were given the briefing about what should we answer for a simple and typical interview question. We were divided into 2 groups to be interviewed. The session is about 5 minutes per person.
The interview session have given me the experience to nurture and polish my interview skills and be confident when we speak. Of course we will be nervous and tremble for a while, but we must control the emotions and try our best to answer the question bravely and confidently.   
sell ur capabilities and unleash ur potential now!
ready to go to the battlefields!gambatte kudasai! =)

grooming! grooming!

By Mdm Leilanie Mohd Nor
17 DECEMBER 2010
what u wear can tell what personality u are

What will come to ur mind when u say GROOMING? Of course the attire and how we look will be the words that running in ur thoughts. Your personality and your attire must be well matched in order to make urself and everyone around you comfortable to talk to you.
So, what are you waiting for? Be confident and know what colors of cloths that match your personality. In this session, Mdm Leilanie gave the briefing and lots of tips to become more presentable in front of the people and most importantly during the interview.

First impressions sometimes are very cruel yet it’s true. The culture and the nature of humans tend to prefer people that more presentable and nice looking faces were chosen. Early in the morning, the briefings for boys were given that cover cloths, trousers, ties, and even shoes. Later, grooming session for girls were started and then scarf n shawls session with Ms Yasara that shows the current trends of shawls in the market.  Lastly, we were taught about table etiquette.     

simple tips for women and men! show ur confident with ur attire! =)