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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~technical module mode~

By Barjoyai Bardai

Personally, the best sessions that I remembered in technical module are when we have COOKING session with Prof Barjoyai and also PAINTING n DRAWING session. Prof definitely has driven the entire BeST’s participants to think more creative and believe that we have the potential to create innovative idea and think out of box! That’s the most important message! Prof Barjoyai also said that the principle to be creative is “WRONG IDEAS IS THE GREAT IDEAS”. I agree with the principle and if we believe it, we actually just realize there are many things that we can do to make better life and generate innovative ideas and participate in new technology era. 
Prof Barjoyai...thanks for sharing a lot of interesting topics and create new invention
Reverse engineering is interesting technique in developing creative thinking and we must know the seven hats thinking approach. Seven hats methods allow us to get more productive discussion and try to analyze different stages of thinking that cover all the important criteria to make one big decision.